Our company, LaWave Plumbing Baldwin Park brings the best of best to our customer. Whether it’s fixing, replacement or upgrading you will get no LaWave Plumbing Services Baldwin Park technician for that.

Our Services


Drain cleaning

Are you observing water moving slowly in the kitchen sink or bathtub? Is toilet tanking time to for filling? The answer is clogged toilet. With time drain can block with oil, hair, grease or any other thing. At LaWave Plumbing Services Baldwin Park, we use two methods for drain unclogging. One is a traditional method, and the other is the hydro-jetting system.


Water heater repair

Isn’t it annoying losing hot water while takinga bath? LaWave Plumbing Services Baldwin Park squad check the water heater entirely and leaving your water heater as it was at purchasing time.


Bathroom remodeling

Upgrading the bathroom and kitchen add value to a home. Good bathroom makes a big difference to the value of the apartment. With the replacement of bathtub, shower, and faucet you can achieve a new look for the bathroom. LaWave provide unique remodeling service.


Industrial Plumbing

LaWave Plumbing Baldwin Park work on several industrial plumbing projects. for commercial and industrial plumbing services call the best at (424)320-6588


Water softener

Hard water is harmful to your health and skin as we as for your waterline gadgets. LaWave Plumbing Baldwin Park installs the best water softener system.


Emergency Plumbing

We the best is available as per your requirements. At our company, there is no restriction of time and date. Free to call us for emergency plumbing issues.

About Us

LaWave Plumbing Services Baldwin Park by its experience and professional attitude makes the difference in its services. Our plumber used plumbing business‘s leading equipment and gadget to deliver the client most effective plumbing results. We are the 3rd generation who is running this company.

We were the best we are the best we will be the best.



We the 3rd generation doesn’t mean we are following the old school of thought in this field. We play with modern technologies and sum up it with our grandfather facts and advice regarding plumbing.

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